New Logo Reflects Refined Focus

New Logo Reflects Refined Focus

Hope Communities was founded nearly 40 years ago on the belief that housing is the first step toward economic opportunity. That’s why, in addition to providing affordable rental housing, we also support our clients and community members with programs and services to help them achieve that goal. With the evolution of Denver’s affordable housing sector in recent years, our wrap-around programs are even more important.

Over the past couple of years, our board of directors created and launched a new strategic plan. Our staff and board worked together to redefine Hope Communities’ core belief, vision, mission and operating values, which led us to reevaluate our brand identity to better reflect who and where we are today. The new design is the result of a thoughtful, yearlong process.

Our new logo and brand identity reflects that Hope Communities is part of the vibrant city of Denver. We serve individuals and families, and it represents our core belief that everyone should have a safe place to live, a respected place in the community and the opportunity to succeed.

The color blue was chosen as it is the color of trust and is known to instill confidence. It inspires feelings of loyalty, integrity and responsibility and is often associated with depth and stability. Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness, and dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. Hope is clearly committed to bringing stability and tranquility to the families it serves. We also believe the blue is representative of the trust we hope to gain as a result of our work to bolster understanding, integrity and opportunity for health and healing for our residents and the communities surrounding our properties.

Green is the color of growth and health. It symbolizes harmony, freshness, and fertility and has a strong emotional correspondence with safety. Green also suggests stability and endurance. We believe the green represents the opportunity for safety and growth our residents experience after securing a safe place to call home and access to a full array of services and programs designed to help them reach personal and economic goals.