Recent Grants Help Us Advance Programs and Services

Hope Communities is pleased to have received several grants recently to help us advance our programs and services:
The Denver Foundation: The Economic Opportunity Endowment Fund of The Denver Foundation awarded Hope Communities a $15,000 grant to help us to provide our residents the skills they need to find jobs and succeed in them. We believe stable housing is the necessary foundation on which low-income persons and families can build skills and take advantage of the resources they need to break the bonds of poverty.
Mile High United Way awarded Hope Communities with a Strategic Investment Grant in mid-2018. We are pleased to announce that at the end of last year, they also selected us as one of 10 nonprofits across the region to receive intensive capacity-building support for two years. As part of the Strengthening Nonprofit cohort, we will receive customized, professional technical assistance to increase scope and impact.
Kenneth King Foundation: Kenneth King Foundation awarded us a $15,000 grant to help us expand workforce training programs at Hidden Brook. These programs help residents improve skills in seeking and succeeding in jobs that provide a family-sustaining wage. About 100 families at Hidden Brook are refugees, who face significant barriers to employment but are highly motivated to earn enough to eventually buy their own homes. The grant will support a computer lab, a career center, and programs focused on developing marketable skills and cultural competencies related to the workplace. Hope Communities’ holistic approach has been proven effective in overcoming the challenges faced by low-income individuals when climbing the income ladder.
Virginia W. Hill Foundation: Hope Communities was awarded $10,000 to enhance resource navigation and case management for residents of all our Hope Communities. Resource navigation and case management is personnel-intensive, and our ability to provide effective case management is accomplished by caring, responsive and knowledgeable staff, who build strong, supportive relationships with individuals and families throughout our communities. We are grateful to have an amazing team passionate about this work and driven to make a difference throughout our communities.
US Bank: Hope Communities was also awarded $5,000 by US Bank’s Home Pillar Program to support programs and services that empower our residents. We are a leader in this arena, providing training, coaching and mentorships essential to establishing new habits and creating pathways to success.
We are grateful to all of our funders and donors for their support of our work at Hope Communities.