For the Love of Reading

We Read Children’s Books Out Loud — Videos for Kids

For the Love of Reading is a signature program of Hope Communities to foster strong literacy development for youth, while at the same time, helping parents as they struggle to provide academic and youth enrichment programs while home-schooling during the pandemic. Initiated by Hope’s Board of Directors, the program has grown to include volunteer readers from throughout the community. The entire series can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

30. How to Babysit a Grandpa, by Jean Reagan (Read by Deputy Laing)

Earlier Videos in the Series

29. Hooray For You! A Celebration of “You-ness” by Marianne Richmond (Read by Katherine)

28. Can You Find Colors? (Read by Beth)

27. Baby Beluga, by Raffi (Read by Tessa)

26. The Pudgy Peek-A-Boo Book, by Amye Rosenberg (Read by Amber)

25. On Account of the Gum, by Adam Rex (Read by Katherine)

24. The Invisible String, by Patrice Karst (Read by Katherine)