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What we do.

We build communities of opportunity in greater Denver through supportive and affordable rental housing – providing pathways that make it possible for children and adults to achieve their personal and economic goals.

We measure housing affordability as a percentage of annual household income, using 30% as a benchmark. A recent report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition found that there is not a single state in the US where the average wage of renters who work full time covers the cost of an average two-bedroom apartment.

Housing is essential to providing a secure foundation for individual and family growth. We recognize the connection between limited economic resources and a lack of opportunity – from adequate housing, education, and economic security, to mobility, health, and well-being. Hope Communities offers resident families the chance to build upon a solid foundation of affordable housing to achieve stability and independence.

We are additionally committed to preserving the rich cultural diversity of the neighborhoods we serve, and doing our part to ensure Denver remains a city of opportunity for all.


Why we do it.

Residents with annual household incomes of $30,000 or less 75%
Residents in family units 61%

While talent, hard work, and motivation are equally distributed across all communities, opportunity is not. Our goal at Hope is to make available opportunities that create sustainable and positive outcomes for the children and adults we serve.

Safe and quality housing is one of the most basic and powerful social determinants of health. With a limited income in an increasingly expensive city such as Denver, finding affordable housing is extremely difficult.

When rent is affordable, people are more likely to spend income on nutritious food, healthcare, childcare, transportation, and education. Children who live in stable homes are more likely to perform well in school, attend college, and earn more as adults. Hope Communities is committed to providing affordable housing that not only helps residents find stability, but enriches their lives.

Our Impact


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Our Focus

Resident Programs & Services

Sensitive to the diverse needs of residents and neighbors, Hope creates and offers quality enrichment and capacity-building opportunities unique to community needs and demographics. We strive for residents to be empowered, self-sustaining, and supportive members of the greater community. Programs include but are not limited to adult education, youth development, health and wellness, community building, economic mobility, and resource navigation.

All programs are community-driven, voluntary, on-site, and free of charge. Additionally we open up programs and services so that any member of the community may participate.

Hope communities provides both direct services, as well as coordinated efforts with third party service providers and strategic partners, in an effort to leverage resources and increase impact.

Affordable Rental Housing



Hope Communities provides housing to individuals and families whose income is below the annual Denver Area Median Income.

It is our goal that our rental properties are indistinguishable  in appearance, comfort and service from neighboring market-rate apartments.

By providing safe, quality, and well-maintained housing, Hope enables residents to spend their income on other necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare, transportation, and education.

With rising average rents in the Denver area, affordable housing is scarce. Thanks to Hope Communities, approximately 700 residents each year can afford to live in this great city.


Real Estate Development

Hope Communities is a pioneer in affordable housing, having been directly involved in the creation of thousands of affordable units for almost four decades. We recognize the evident need to expand and provide additional housing opportunities for those with limited financial resources.

In response to a rapidly changing housing market coupled with the incredible population growth of metro Denver, Hope continues to seek opportunities to grow its affordable housing program strategically and sustainably.




What people are saying

Governor John Hickenlooper

“Hope Communities has lived up to its name…giving us all a reason to believe.”

Tamara Banks, Freelance Journalist & Five Points Resident

“Lending a helping hand…with compassion, understanding…Hope Communities makes life a littler easier for those in need. The work Hope does is a blessing to our community.”

Former resident

“I have seen Hope help hundreds of people find hope by opening doors for them and their families. I am one of them.”