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Building Community Check-ins on Hiatus

The speed with which the Coronavirus pandemic turned our lives upside-down was a shock to everyone, and doubly so to families living paycheck to paycheck or people new to our country with limited English language skills. To help our residents and neighbors fight “quarantine shock,” Hope Communities produced and aired a series of “Building Community Check-ins” via Facebook Live. In 50 episodes of about 30 minutes each, Hope staff as well as subject experts shared resources and services to help people secure the necessities of life (e.g. food and rent), maintain physical and mental health, cope with schools being out, and deal with many other concerns. Though we stopped doing the weekly check-ins at the end of September, we have archived all episodes on YouTube for viewing anytime. Look for a list of titles on this website, then click on the links to access individual episodes.

Looking for a good book? Our Building Community Check-Ins included


with great advice on all sorts of reading to help you through the lockdown and beyond!

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