Hope Communities

History, Mission & Vision

Our History

Hope Communities was founded in 1980 by a group of concerned citizens, troubled by the growing number of their friends and neighbors who were unable to advance economically due to, among other barriers, a lack of safe, affordable housing. The organization was created around community activists Ray and Marilyn Stranske’s kitchen table and set its sights on Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood as a starting point.

One of six founding members of Enterprise Community Partners, a pioneering and nationwide affordable housing developer, Hope Communities has been directly involved in the creation of thousands of units of affordable housing in Denver over the years.

Currently, we operate four affordable and supportive housing communities in the diverse Denver neighborhoods of East Colfax, Five Points, and Northeast Park Hill. While the development and operation of affordable rental housing remains central to our work, Hope Communities was founded on the belief that housing is the first step toward self-sufficiency. Keeping true to the original mission, we endeavor to provide struggling individuals and families with pathways to economic security through onsite programs and services that are relevant to their needs and offered free of charge.

“Five Points needed a boost after decades of being maligned by the media, shunned by Denver’s suburban population, redlined by lenders, and neglected by investors.” – Ray Stranske, Co-Founder of Hope Communities

Our Mission

We strengthen communities and provide pathways to economic and personal opportunity through affordable housing, educational programs and support services.

Our Vision

A community in which everyone has a safe place to call home and the resources they need to thrive.

Strategic Plan

Following a comprehensive strategic planning process with input from more than 250 individuals, including community stakeholders, board, staff, experts and others, Hope Communities adopted a strategic plan for 2018-2020. Click HERE to read the plan.

Our Values

Hope Communities and the work we do to accomplish our mission are guided by our core operating values:

Respect. We believe that all people should be treated with respect and dignity. We appreciate and recognize the value that each person – whether a resident, employee, board member, vendor, community partner or donor – brings to our work and to the community.

 We believe in the power of autonomy, self-determination and the efficacy of personal commitment to advancing personal and organizational goals. In keeping with these principles, we maintain an environment in which staff and clients have the ability to make decisions about their personal well-being and organizational direction as often as possible.

 We value and embrace diversity in all its forms. We are intentional in our action to hire, engage and serve individuals with diverse characteristics related to ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic position, legal status, ableness and age – with particular attention to be representative of the communities we work within. We know that including various perspectives and experiences will make our decision-making stronger, the impact of our programs greater and the community richer.

 We believe we are stronger together than independently and that great things come from the blending of ideas and strategies. We greatly value partnerships, internal and external to leverage community resources, heighten impact and drive individual and community change.

 We are transparent, accountable and ethical in our work, communications, and stewardship. We hold these standards of behavior for each other, our donors, the people we serve, and the broader community.