Financial Information

2017 Financial Information

A core value of Hope Communities is Integrity. We understand the need for financial transparency and accountability. The documents provided here are intended to show how we are responsibly managing and protecting investments in Hope to fulfill our mission.

We welcome all inquiries surrounding our finances. Past years’ audited financials, 990 tax return, and annual reports are available upon request to

For 38 years and counting, Hope Communities has provided Denver families with home, opportunity, and community. Click on the image below to view our 2017 Annual Report and learn more about Hope’s progress and impact.

The IRS requires all nonprofits to complete a 990 tax return. This form is used by the IRS to assess the nonprofit for its compliance with tax laws. View the 2017 Hope Communities’ 990 tax return* by clicking on the image below.

*Important to understanding the finances of Hope Communities is the knowledge that our affordable housing program is by far our largest, containing a portfolio of four affordable rental properties (that Hope has an ownership interest in and manages). The 990 Tax Return simply reflects Hope’s ownership percentage in each of the entities in its management portfolio, and looks different than the audited financial statements.    

The affordable housing program generates revenue in the form of rental income needed to cover the operating expenses of each entity. Hope has made a commitment to maintaining rents at an affordable rate, and we are proud that we have offset general operating expenses without outside support. All resident support programs, housing development and needed capital improvements – such as security and energy efficiency upgrades – depend entirely on fundraising dollars. 


We encourage you to view our 2017 Audited Financial Statements, showing
85% of our budget is spent on fulfilling our mission.