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Adult Education

Overview of Adult Education Offerings

Hope Communities provides programs and services that encourage and engage adult learners to acquire and advance skill sets that will lead to greater community integration and strong career pathways. Due to a large resident refugee population at one of our properties, one of the largest programs is English as a second language. We offer English classes at multiple learning levels and with varied focuses six days a week. Hope also offers civic engagement programs and services, such as ballot reads, leadership training, and citizenship classes, health-related workshops, career readiness and computer/technology classes specifically for adult residents. Programs are tailored to the needs of residents at each location.

Language-Specific Video Workshops

We have curated a series of workshops in multiple languages that address some of the most pressing needs of the clients we serve. Community Navigators from Hope Communities have identified topics they cover most frequently in the midst of navigation, and then provided videos with step-by-step instructions – that might be used as an initial introduction to the topic or serve as a reminder after the navigator has met with a client in person.

Creation of the videos has been made possible as result of grant funding to Hope Communities, from the Colorado Refugee Services Program and various foundations that are supporting navigation efforts of the organization.

Workshops by Language:




Workshops (alphabetical by English title)

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