Hope Communities

Champions of Hope

Sustained Giving Program

Become a Champion of Hope by joining our community of monthly donors. Simply enter the donation amount you would like to give each month. When you choose to give monthly to Hope, you become a champion of our work and help us continue to provide vital services and programs to vulnerable individuals and families in our community. How? Knowing that we can count on receiving your gift every month means that we can focus on what’s important: the people who are counting on us.

  • $15 a month – Gift cards for Hope clients to help with basic needs
  • $25 a month – Healthy snacks for after-school youth programs
  • $50 a month – School supplies for vulnerable, low-income students, or books and
    supplies to support senior enrichment programs
  • $100 a month – Field trips for youth programs over the course of a year
  • $250 a month – Support adult programs and life skills classes, or mobility and equity
    programs for BIPOC clients
  • $350 a month – Fund youth program activities, including healthy snacks, supplies for
    activities, and more
  • $500 a month – Support bi-weekly healthy food distribution to low-income families
    experiencing food insecurity

*Note: These are examples of how donations to Hope Communities can contribute to our services and programs. Donations will be allocated to areas of greatest need.