Hope Communities

On Sunday, March 21, Hope Communities, along with community partners Rocky Mountain Communities, Street Fraternity, Mercy Housing, Disabled American Veterans, APDC, DRCOG, Spring Institute, House of Purpose Church, East Colfax Community Collective, and Project Worthmore came together to put on a COVID vaccine clinic.  The clinic’s goal was to get some of the most underserved members in the East Colfax corridor vaccinated, and in the end, 352 individuals got their first dose!

Hot food was provided from restaurants in Mango House so that food insecurity wouldn’t interfere with families being able to get their vaccine.

The clinic was made possible by a generous grant to Street Fraternity from The Rose Community Foundation, and the incredible coordination among all organizations and community members.

We’re looking forward to April 18th, which is the date for the final vaccine, when 352 people will be fully vaccinated against this virus that has upended life for all.

Additionally, 89% of Hope staff have been vaccinated.