Hope Communities

In early May, volunteers with Charles Schwab came to Hidden Brook to help out for their annual volunteer day. All across the country, Scwabbies, as they call themselves, donated a day of their time to non-profits to assist in doing anything that needed doing. This year, 40 people in the Denver area chose Hope Communities, and we certainly had enough to put them to work!

The garden at Hidden Brook had become somewhat overgrown, and over the winter had collected lots of debris and rubbish, so a group of Schwab volunteers put on their gardening gloves and got to work! They even repainted the numbers on the gardening boxes – which were built several years ago by Schwab volunteers! The garden area looks so wonderful after their hard work, and our resident gardeners couldn’t be happier and more appreciative!

The flower beds near the apartment signs at Hidden Brook also needed some help after several years of inattention because of COVID, so another group of Schwab volunteers cleaned up those beds, then laid new mulch & planted lovely roses. Sprucing up the flower beds didn’t just help to make the apartment signs look nicer but beautified 2 corners of streets in the E. Colfax neighborhood.

Also at Hidden Brook, the interior hallways needed a coat of paint. We anticipated we could get through about 3 floors of the 8-story building, but at the end of the day, 7 floors got a fresh coat of paint!

We are incredibly grateful for the volunteers, and especially for this wonderful, nearly decade-long relationship we’ve had with Schwab! It was great to see so many returning faces – especially after a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic.