Hope Communities

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation prioritized accessible care and vital services for those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic this past year. Their support has allowed us to provide essential services to address the emergency and basic needs of Hope’s residents and clients.

The Schlessman Family Foundation has long supported Hope’s work to provide self-sufficiency programs to our community, ensuring that economic status does not limit opportunities for the adults and children we serve.

Enterprise Community Partners, a national nonprofit addressing our nation’s affordable housing crisis, provides funding, resources, and partnership opportunities to support organizational development and ensure the stability of our residents and clients.

We have been recipients of three grants from the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger which have allowed us to continue to do food distributions at Hidden Brook and The Gardens.  Residents and community members have been struggling for over a year because of the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and combating food insecurity is one way that Hope can help ease the stress families are still experiencing. At the beginning of 2021, we had funds that we knew could carry us up to March, but with the generous support from CO Blueprint to End Hunger, we’re fairly confident that we can provide fresh, healthy food for the entire year!

We also wouldn’t be able to give away nearly as much without the generosity of We Don’t Waste.  Together, we have given away over 18,000 meals since we started.


There’s a new way for you to easily support our work around tax time! If you are anticipating a refund, make sure to look for the prompt to Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit on your tax return or tax software. You can donate all or a portion of your return to Hope using our reg. # 20043006092. For more information, visit RefundWhatMatters.org, and thank you for your generosity!