Hope Communities

As part of our mission, Hope Communities provides programs and support services to anyone from our properties and surrounding neighborhoods, free of charge. Staff works with the most vulnerable in our communities, to help them find and maintain housing, meet basic needs, and gain education and skills they need to successfully support their families. These services are often critical to helping people get back on their feet after dealing with life challenges.

During the last few weeks our resource navigation team has been working with a client who has been homeless for the last 3 years. He has completed several of our Career Program classes as he has been working to find employment. In January, this gentleman was involved in a homeless sweep of Civic Center Park. Due to an old warrant, he was arrested.

In mid-March he was released, but within a week became severely ill and was confirmed positive for COVID-19. He was discharged and advised that he would need to self-quarantine for 14 days. Our resource navigation team worked with a private donor and a generous donation from a local hotel that helped us place this gentleman in a hotel room while he recovered. Our Hope team also went to work and made sure he received daily meals and supplies he needed to get healthy.

We are so happy to report he has fully recovered and is deeply grateful to the support and help from Hope. He is continuing to work with our teams as he resumes his job search and seeks permanent housing as he moves forward in his life.  He is one of six individuals, all previously experiencing homelessness, for whom navigators found housing.