Hope Communities

A message from Sharon Knight, President & CEO of Hope Communities

There has been a groundswell of acknowledgement for the essential workers helping all of us get through this pandemic. I am so grateful for the medical teams, grocery workers, first responders, and government staff who are contributing their efforts to support our communities. And I also want to recognize some essential workers who are not getting as much press. Direct service nonprofits, like Hope Communities, that are essential businesses by offering housing and supportive services to some of the most vulnerable in the city, are working their hearts out to ensure that people have a safe place to call home and the resources they need to survive, and hopefully thrive, through this pandemic.

Nonprofits can’t, and shouldn’t, be diverting any funds to advertise their many contributions, but I want to take a moment to applaud those efforts on their behalf. Direct service nonprofits always make a huge difference in our community, but now — with the necessity to help clients work through medical issues, navigate unemployment, address food insecurity, support children through online learning and more — their efforts are more important than ever!

CONTINUED FROM NEWSLETTER >> At Hope Communities, the operations team (Ray, Isaias, Jesus, Jesse and Jose) are keeping the properties in great shape and responding to resident emergencies every day. Property managers (Jacqueline, Marisela, Sandra and Sylvia) are still working on leasing apartments for people who have been on waiting lists and are desperate to find housing.

The program staff (Amber, Betsy, Farduus, Galeane, Grace, Hlaing, Jan, Juma, Lara, Laura, Martina and Monirah) are going over the top to provide navigation services and deliver food and basic needs to vulnerable residents and clients — as well as helping people to get medical attention, secure a new job or unemployment benefits, and supporting residents and clients through the process of getting emergency rent and utility assistance.

The people behind the scenes — directing operations and taking care of accounting, development, HR, communications, and volunteer management (Dennis, Gwen, Jamie, John, Jolynn, Monique and Stephanie) are working overtime to complete regular duties and ramp up operations because of the virus. Their hours, ingenuity and dedication to those they serve are exemplary, and I want to thank them for all of that. While they are not generally given public recognition for these efforts, they are definitely heroes in my book!